Laura Krusemark


Multi-talented, creative, and inspiring are just a few words that have been used to describe Laura Krusemark.  Coming from the spacious farmlands of the mid-west, Laura has been fortunate to develop a unique sense of style whether it be in her fashion illustration, clothing design, or any other creative endeavor.  Laura has worked many years in the fashion industry and in the educational field of textiles, costume history, surface design, and various other disciplines.

With a B.F.A not only in Fashion Design from The Illinois Institute of Art – Chicago, but also in Fine Arts and Piano Performance from Bethany College, Laura brings a broad range of inventive knowledge to her designs. She has always been inspired by the beauty in the world’s diverse cultures and has traveled to many countries including Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, China, Malaysia, and Thailand to name a few. It is through Laura’s extraordinary background and passion for creating and capturing the beauty around her that bring Laura’s fashion illustrations to life.

Illustration is the exciting challenge of bridging the imagined to the actual image. I create to capture the beauty that is around me and to evoke the same feeling of wonder in others as they view my work. My sources of inspiration include: textures and patterns found in nature, expressive faces and hands, strong archetype women such as the Greek Goddesses, travel and cultures, as well as other artists such as Gustav Klimt, John Singer Sargent, Toulouse Lautrec, Arthur Rackham, and Maxfield Parish.

My artwork mainly revolves around the ideas of mixed media which I feel allows me to express different parts of the image in various ways.  From the fine undulating lines of a pencil to the soft flowing patterns of watercolor, I am able to join the individual language of numerous mediums to express certain aspects of the image.

Ultimately, I hope to bring my dreams to reality using illustrations as the expression of being part of this life experience.

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