Brittany Turpin


Brittany Turpin is a nationally known Antique Spectator who’s passion began as a young child in her Grandfathers museum. Living in South Dakota, Brittany was not exposed to all the antique treasures the world had to offer yet, she saw the beauty in them. After moving to Boston when she was 18, she discovered and fell in love with antique French d├ęcor. Her love and obsession with antiques has drawn her to travel the world hunting in some of the top antique markets to back alley shops. Brittany has been coined as the go to person when one wants to decorate with antiques; specializing in rare silver pieces, over the top oil paintings and hand cut crystal. Her intense background and education in these areas has enabled her to uncover some of the worlds forgotten treasures at the best price for her clients.

So what then makes Brittany Turpin so different than all the other Antique Spectators out there? That’s easy, her attention to detail and ability to make a close working relationship with each of her clients. Here are just some of the amazing things clients have said about working with Brittany:


“…Really an incredible decorator, your eye for detail and encompassing my style 100% is unparalleled. You took time to answer all of my questions as well as including me in the process. Not only did you find my massive 34″ inch sterling silver serving platter, you also provided valuable education to me so that I may start to do it myself. I will always continue to seek your advice and can’t wait until are next adventure!” – Lauren Robbennolt, Phoenix, AZ

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